Tuition and Billing
Tuition is divided into 12 monthly installments.  This tuition is due the first Friday of each month. Parents will receive a monthly invoice with the option to pay tuition online.
All tuition fees are exclusive of materials and special event fees which will be billed separately as 
one annual fee in July. 
Your tuition pays for 40 lessons. The schedule includes group classes, recitals, special events, etc. Students benefit from private piano lessons, group repertoire classes, spring recitals, yearly technical assessments, and opportunities for composition, recording and advanced performance competitions. The tuition rate is applicable for this studio year only and is subject to change annually.  There are 43 lessons scheduled,
 this allows me with 3 "sick days", not to be made up

Recital Performances

With quality instruction and encouragement, students are prepared to perform for friends and family, sharing their music with the community. The Gebbink Piano Studio offers a variety of performance opportunities. A schedule of dates and descriptions is made available in the fall. 

Auditions and Competitions

The Gebbink Piano Studio participates in a number of events that allow students to receive critique or to compete for opportunities to advance and play in special performance. These opportunities may include, PAMTA -Achievements in Music (AIM), Monster Concert, Sonata/Sonatina Competition, Duet Festival, ISMTA - West District Auditions, Masquerade Musicale, Christmas Jamboree. Bach Festival Young Artist Concert, and Bradley University High School Competition.
Enrollment Details
The Gebbink Piano Studio usually maintains a waiting list, but will enroll students throughout the year as the schedule permits. I will have an informal interview with new students to review previous study, if applicable, and place them at appropriate levels using piano study materials best suited for their needs. To initiate enrollment and get your place on the wait list, complete the online registration.
Forty three weeks are scheduled, allowing me with three 'sick days'. There are two group classes each semester. These classes include opportunity for solo performance and ensemble playing, activities for strengthening theory and aural skills, and visits with some of the great composers in music history.
The length of the lesson is 45 minutes weekly.

Summer study is required. However the summer schedule is very flexible allowing for vacations, those "great to go to the pool" days, unexpected company arrives, etc.  Summer Option 1) Piano Camps - Students attend a two hour class four days a week for one week. Students do not have a regular lesson the week of the camp, and students then have no lessons the remainder of the month. Option 2) Extended lesson - Students double their lesson time, and have fewer number of lessons.  

Regular attendance is essential for the student's success. Students are expected to arrive punctually, well prepared, and with all necessary materials. When you register for lessons, you are reserving your weekly lesson time for the teaching year. I do not guarantee make-up lessons and there are no refunds. If the student must miss his/her lesson, parents must login to their account on the website and cancel the lesson from the online calendar. This allows me to open up this time slot for another student who wishes to change their lesson that week.  If there is an OPEN SLOT, parents may request that time slot for their lesson, from the online calendar.  If a student must miss a lesson, please let me know and I will expect them at their scheduled time the next week. 

Promptness and Preparedness

  • Arrive five minutes early so that the student can relax, hang up coat, prepare books.
  • Regular attendance at lessons and group classes is essential for success.
  • Bring ALL materials to your lesson (music books, theory book, 3-ring binder, etc.)
  • Ensure that student's hands are washed before arriving for the lesson.
  • Be sure your student is picked up promptly

Goals and Assignments

Your student will have a Goal Sheet specific to his/her age, level, and ability.  This sheet has very specific goals for your child to aim for throughout the semester/summer sessions.  Also, your child will have a weekly assignment sheet to check off and bring to the next lesson.  Please feel free to discuss these goals and assignments with me. 

Terminated lessons
Student's lessons may be terminated when the student is irregular in attendance, repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material, is disruptive, or if payment is not received at the designated time.

Work with your child to set up a daily, uninterrupted practice time to establish a routine. Students are encouraged to keep a practice record, and to work toward musical goals rather than simply counting minutes. The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it is also work! As you know, your child will only be as committed as you are. Assignment's practiced and participation in studio activities are expected to have the same priority as academic homework. Parents are asked to help establish good practice habits. The following are some suggestions:

  • Arrange a set time every day for your child to practice and insist on it being kept.
  • Provide a practice setting free from distraction (TV, other children, etc.)
  • Check on your child's practice progress during the week.
  • Check the online lesson notes regularly and help your child follow the directions.
  • Make sure your child finishes all written assignments and is prepared for each lesson.
  • Keep your child's nails clipped short.
  • Beginners- 1st year - 10 min daily
  • 2nd year - 20 minutes daily or more
  • 3rd year - 30 minutes daily or more


As a part of the Gebbink Piano Studio, your student will receive a well-rounded piano education through:

  1. Private Piano Lessons (including theory, technique, and sight reading)
  2. Periodic Master Classes (including music performance, theory, and history)
  3. Monthly Music Magazine for Children
  4. Performance Opportunities
  5. Specialized Summer Lessons (composition, camps, history, jazz, duets, etc.)


Periodically, I will send you an email to direct you to the studio website in order to receive important information about studio events, student accomplishments, and pertinent music/piano articles.  The website contains the Studio Calendar, Studio News, Studio Policy, tuition information, links to helpful websites, etc.